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         Our Green Cleaning

         We offer green maid service and green cleaning for Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen.  
         Also servicing the Dallas, Fort Worth DFW Metroplex
         Our high quality staff insures your satisfaction. Using the best non-toxic eco cleaning 
         products, we keep your home and the environment clean and safe. We offer flexible 
         daily, weekly and monthly service schedules. Your home is special to you and we 
         will ensure that it is treated with care at all times.

         Our Services
         All Rooms

  Dusting & Remove Cobwebs:
         -Base Boards
         -Light Fixtures
         -Window Sills
         -Other Decor

         Vacuum & Mop all Floors, Carpets, Rugs and Stairs
         Vacuum Cloth Furniture and Cushions
         Clean Glass Surfaces
         Empty Waste Baskets


Clean Showers, Tubs and Sinks (inside and out)
         Clean All Shelves, Fixtures and Items on Vanity
         Clean, Dry and Shine Mirrors, Chrome and Tile
         Scrub Toilet, (bowl, seat, lid and tank)
         Damp-Wipe Cabinet Fronts


  Clean, Dry and Shine all Appliance Surfaces, Range Hood and Sink
         Clean Microwave Over (inside and out, including turntable)
         Burner Grates, Fume Hoods and Control Knobs
         Damp-Wipe Cupboard Fronts, Table and Chairs
         Clean Top and Outside of Refrigerator
         Wash and Shine Countertops

         Additional Tasks On Request 

  Remove Books from Bookshelves & Clean Shelves
         Clean Additional Sliding Glass Doors
         Clean Inside of Refrigerator
         Carpet Stain Treatment
         Wipe Window Binds
         Bedding and Linens
         Odor Treatment
         Sweep Garage
         Sweep Porch

100% Eco-Friendly non toxic cleaning products
         Our Service Always Includes:
  -2 Maid Cleaning Team
          -Fully Insured
          -Providing all Cleaning Supplies
          -100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

         Cleaning Cost

         Hourly Rate
$35/hour per person 2 Maids per team
Minimum first time clean $140.00 - 2 Maids for 2 hours

Note: First visit is hourly - to continue ongoing service  we will give a flat price
         Regular Cleaning Schedule
Flat Rate-Quoted after Initial Visit

         With Our Maid Service You Can Always Count On The Best Green Cleaning!

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